This is thierry’s piano. it’s hated as much as it’s loved, and it’s loved a lot. we’ve used it on every record that we’ve ever made. because it lives at the recording studio, many other people use it too. it’s got a recognizable lilt to it and barely keeps a tune, the pedals squeak, the damping bar roars, and the hammers rattle. you have to hit the keys hard to make the notes ring and when you play it soft, it just thuds dully.

like all good instruments, it didn’t give up its secrets easily- it took years to get it to open up, and when you’re playing it, you can tell that it must’ve had a bad upbringing, like it got reared and neglected in a group home basement somewhere, maltreated and disdained.

you can’t love an instrument true until its broken your heart a few hundred times.